best cartoons The top ten animated films of all time


best cartoons The top ten animated films of all time

Any television program that largely uses hand-drawn animation is referred to as a cartoon. Children and adults alike enjoy watching these animated series, which have won over audiences through the ages. The world of animation has produced a wide range of shows that are both enjoyable and significant, from vintage programs that epitomized the golden age of cartoons to contemporary masterpieces.

These critically acclaimed, prize-winning, and popular television programs have had an influence on the animation industry. These top ten cartoons are a must-watch for every fan of the genre, whether it’s the nostalgia of childhood faves or the astounding originality of current releases. So let’s take a trip down memory lane while we relax, grab some popcorn, and discover the greatest cartoons ever made.

1 SpongeBob SquarePants

The late marine researcher and artist Stephen Hillenburg created the American animated television program SpongeBob SquarePants for Nickelodeon. The most watched program on Nickelodeon right now is SpongeBob, which has been airing for 23 years and is starting its 13th season. SpongeBob SquarePants, a sea sponge, and his underwater exploits are the focus of the program. The program is regarded as one of the greatest Nickelodeon and cartoon programs ever produced.

best cartoons

This cartoon is AMAZING. In 1999, SpongeBob debuted. It wasn’t successful in a big way until season 2. Despite a break occurring in 2003 during this season as the movie was being developed, season 3 took SpongeBob to new heights. Things started to deteriorate a little after the movie. Although season 6 and season 7 were not great, seasons 4 and 5 were still rather outstanding. However, Season 8 brought back some of the older humor, and Season 9 is outpacing Season 8 thus far. The tenth season of SpongeBob is expected to be the longest and best one ever when it debuts next year. There will be a new SpongeBob movie next year, and maybe it will live up to the previous three seasons!

popular since then. Over 32,000–35,500 people worldwide are admirers of it. Therefore, it is both the most watched cartoon on Nickelodeon and the only one in the entire globe!

I have a fascinating hypothesis that the program is really a kid’s fantasy. I believe the child is named “Bobby,” and to escape the real world, he imagines a metropolis under the sea. This explains why SpongeBob acts so immature and knows so little—he is still a young child and is only now beginning to understand these things. All of the individuals and locations are drawn from Bobby’s life. Gary stands in for Bobby’s pet. The cat moves slowly and has no time for play, just like a snail. Patrick is his closest pal. Patrick attends homeschool and spends little time outside. According to some, he “Lives under a rock.” The neighbor of Bobby is Squidward. Because of his advanced age, he dislikes being irritated by the boy. It is Mr. Krabs.

his dad. He has always been concerned about his finances and has never spent a single dime. The bully at the school is Plankton. He regularly takes Bobby’s lunch, but Bobby always recovers it. Speaking of food, Bobby quips that the cafeteria burgers are manufactured from feces and refers to them as “Crappy” burgers. His favorite fruit is pineapple.

I’ve seen a lot of cartoons, but this one is the best I’ve ever seen. There are many wonderful characters with distinctive characteristics in it. This show is still quite popular today even though the more recent episodes aren’t all that much better than the older ones. With good reason, this program is the best cartoon of all time. But while I’m on the subject, I want to talk about a few other things. How in the world are Tom and Jerry ranked lower than The Loony Tunes? Cartoon violence is clearly ruled by Tom and Jerry. The Loony Tunes isn’t necessarily better just because it’s older. Why is Family Guy not among the top ten? Even if you prefer The Simpsons, which I can understand, Family Guy is still a great nice program.

and is superior to several of the shows listed above. But getting back to the main argument, Spongebob deserves to be in the top slot.

2 The Simpsons

The Simpsons is a popular American animated sitcom that Matt Groening produced. It debuted on The Tracey Ullman Show on April 19, 1987, as a series of shorts. As of 2023, it is still airing after receiving its own series on December 17, 1989, making it the longest-running animated sitcom. It follows the misadventures of Homer Simpson and his family, which includes wife Marge, kids Bart, Lisa, and Maggie, as well as pets Snowball II and Santa’s Little Helper.

Okay, so perhaps the current episodes aren’t that great, but wow, just watch the first eight seasons. This program was incredible and definitely worth your time. It had well-rounded, consistent characters with conflicting agendas that are so entertaining to watch (particularly Homer), wonderful banter, and fascinating plot lines. Simply put, don’t show this to children under the age of ten or twelve if you are or have any. Yes, it’s wonderful, however younger viewers might find it a little too crude. It discusses certain sexual themes, violence, and other things of that nature. Additionally, I can’t say that it always teaches wonderful lessons, and the characters aren’t exactly the ideal role models. However, the stories are hilarious, fantastic, and very relatable. Thus, if you can, watch it.

The Simpsons is by far the most comprehensive animation, not to mention the one with the longest runtime. A whole comprehensive universe of engaging, politically incorrect people, superb visuals & animation, top-quality music, famous guest performers practically every week, and well-written storylines and gags promise intellectual and foolish enjoyment for ALL ages.

The multi-layered story arcs seamlessly merge in the majority of episodes, always laden with pop-culture and historical references. It does a good job of mirroring (recent) real-world events, conflicts, dilemmas, and emotions. It also isn’t afraid to discuss mature subjects in a shrewd and frequently creative manner.

It had a few less well-regarded seasons about ten years ago, but in more recent years, there have been several standout episodes.
Younger viewers may not even be aware that some episodes were highly contentious when they first aired (think Mr. Smithers’ sexuality in 1989–1990), and that they helped pave the road for public acceptance for

Remember, the fourth-ranked cartoon was actually stolen by Family Guy because it was so successful. Family Simpsons. The program was named the top-rated FOX animation globally. Similar to South Park and Family Guy, there is some content that is not suited for children. However, due to its abundance of humor and other elements, everyone in the globe adored the animation. Because more than 20,000 people adored the show, it became incredibly well-known. But it still can’t compete with the upcoming cartoon.

This program is excellent. I saw one episode of SpongeBob after I had quit watching it, and it was delightful, hilarious, and just right. I adore every one of the characters, especially Homer Simpson, the D’OH! man. Bart is also hilarious! It was well-liked but began to decline slightly in Season 20 and beyond. During those seasons, there were several episodes where Sideshow Bob attempted to kill Bart, and the show was more mystery-focused than comedic. However, even though FOX does quality animation, THIS is the finest! You must watch this program because you will never grow tired of it. Nelson the bully is also entertaining with his HA HA. Homer can also be amusing when he writes a paper or a promo! I adore the theme song, particularly when

best cartoons

On the sofa are the Simpsons. Marge certainly has a comical voice! Therefore, if you DON’T watch this show, please do so since it is incredibly funny.

3 Gravity Falls

From June 15, 2012, through February 15, 2016, Disney Television Animation’s Gravity Falls, an American animated television series, aired initially on Disney Channel and then on Disney XD. While on summer vacation in the made-up town of Gravity Falls, Oregon, the story follows the exploits of Dipper Pines and his twin sister Mabel.

There are good mysteries, three-dimensional characters, and zero potty humor in this book. It is occasionally dark, so it is probably not appropriate for younger kids, but it is really well written and appealing to preteens, teens, and even some adults. Additionally, unlike other Disney series, there are no clichés, laugh tracks, or even teenage main characters that are fashion-obsessed. Both the theme tune and the art style are highly unique. Even the cast, which includes Patton Oswalt, Jason Ritter (son of John Ritter), and many guest appearances like John Oliver and John DiMaggio, is full with compelling actors. I have never seen a cartoon quite like this one.

Let me explain why Gravity Falls is the greatest cartoon ever made. The majority of the cartoons I watch essentially repeat themselves with no plot advancement or character development. But Gravity Falls has a story, fantastic characters, mystery, suspense, and everything simply works so well together that it makes me want to cry with joy. I am aware that some people don’t want to follow along because they lack the time, but if you watch them all in order and online, everything will make sense and you will have the time of your life. The only program for which I eagerly anticipated each new episode was

released. And I’ll never get over the hurt of how it ended.

Why is this show lower on the list than others? This is a show about characters with a substantial primary plot that includes a mystery element; it is not a cheap cartoon for youngsters. I began off watching this show from the beginning and thought it was just a funny cartoon. However, following the season 1 finale, I understood that there was a significant central plot and significant secrets buried across the episodes. I got extremely into it when watching Gravity Falls ideas on YouTube, such as the twin brother notion. Then I watched season 2, which had a stronger main plot emphasis and provided additional explanations. The episode “Not what he seems” completely blew my mind and demonstrated the potential of an episode. The presentation

the grand finale, which I watched yesterday, was followed. It displays the tension between the main characters and the degree of Gravity Falls’ continuity. Even though the show was short, Alex did a fantastic job with it. It deserves a higher ranking on the list because of its extremely serious plot. Most cartoons, including Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry, in my opinion

The opening of the concert is quite breezy and bright. A fun little monster hunting program that appeals to children’s audiences as well as their parents. I have never in my entire life seen a cartoon as beautiful as gravity falls, but as the presentation goes on, things turn darker. The characters develop in a realistic manner, the jokes are all amusing, and the monsters are always inventive with even more inventive methods of capture. It has completely altered my outlook on cartoons. You’re on the edge of your seat as the second season of the program takes dark twists. Compared to other shows, it has caused me to experience greater suspense, surprise, and shock because you can’t predict the turns and how spooky, nerve-wracking, and

They are exciting. I really adore this show because they continue to find a way to instill positive ideals in you while you watch it.

4 Looney Tunes

In addition to its sibling series Merrie Melodies, Looney Tunes is an American animated series of comedic short films produced by Warner Bros. from 1930 until 1969.

What could be better than Bugs Bunny tricking Elmer Fudd, Daffy and Porky getting along, and the Coyote chasing after the Roadrunner?

The top spot ought to go to Looney Tunes. The dialogue was written in such a clever and original way, in addition to the characters being well-drawn. Additionally, it was brilliant to have classical music.
I took my kids to see Bugs Bunny on Broadway at Symphony Hall in Chicago. I get chills just seeing a live orchestra performing those vintage cartoons with pinpoint accuracy. My daughter, who was five years old at the time and had never before seen musical notation, was profoundly affected by that performance. She remembers seeing the notes while they performed “Little Brown Jug” and when we got home she sketched them out.

watching the video clip for those who haven’t.

It is a perfect 10/10 program since it didn’t have computer animation when it was created, it only ended about three years ago, I believe due to controversy, there was only one voice actor, Mel Blanc, and don’t try to tell me that even one episode wasn’t enjoyable or humorous. Some episodes from World War II that you might not have seen had a nice message. I’ve always loved this cartoon, and I’m quite disappointed that it doesn’t air on popular television networks like Cartoon Network.

Looney Tunes, one of the first animated series ever produced, popularized a new kind of cartoon that is still in use today. Slapstick. Consequently, safes and anvils will fall from the sky, and bombs and TNT will be filled.

the list continues: pants, giant hammers, explosions, etc. Additionally, they created fantastic characters like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

5 South Park

For the Comedy Central television network, Trey Parker and Matt Stone produced the American adult animated sitcom South Park. Four boys—Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick—and their exploits in South Park, Colorado, are the subject of the program.

I will always have a deep love and passion for this program. Sure, it’s vulgar, crude, and quite outrageous, but you shouldn’t always judge a book by its cover. Contrary to Mr. Pickles (not to anger admirers), there is a truly positive spirit hidden beneath that startling façade. These messages make you laugh and think at the same time. Because they are highlighting every flaw in society, readers! It awakens you to the state of the world and how you might work to improve it. A bonus is that I adore this painting style; perhaps this is just my personal bias. The writing is incredibly clever, the voice acting is hilarious, and the characters are spot on! Even though it’s occasionally vulgar, I enjoy this show. I

I heartily recommend that everyone aged 13 and up see this beautiful work of paper. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, thank you.

While many people have been fans since the beginning (1997), I have been a fan since the day before I turned 13 in 2011. While the majority likes characters like Cartman, Randy, and Butters, I like characters like Kyle and Wendy. While South Park appears to have lost viewers in the last couple of years as a result of the episode to episode continuity, I do enjoy it to some extent lately. I’ll admit that I’m a little let down by my own opinions. But until the series end, I will continue to watch the show faithfully regardless of what occurs in the fandom and on the show itself.

I adore this program! Even though Cartman frequently abuses Jews and the show occasionally becomes racist, there is a storyline. A storyline for each episode. And Kyle or Stan used to constantly learn something back then. They teach us things that we now use to our daily lives.
And when Cartman said that Family Guy is nothing but jokes that have nothing to do with the plot in one of their Cartoon Wars episodes (spoiler alert), South Park includes gags that relate to the plot.

Despite the fact that my name is “Yin Yang Yo” in South Park, I genuinely appreciate it. Kenny McCormick is my favorite character on South Park. Why? We ought to all feel horrible for him if he is killed (for example, with acid tablets, a sawed-in-half, etc.). Eric Cartman is the character I dislike the least. He is, along with Damien, the most evil child in South Park, which explains why Scott Tenorman’s father may be Cartman’s father. He killed Scott’s mother and father, which Scott then ate in the chili and insulted Kyle Broflovski. even if he is Jewish, by labeling him a “Jew”. Also making fun of Kenny after his death.

6 Avatar: The Last Airbender

American animated television program Avatar: The Last Airbender aired on Nickelodeon for three seasons from 2005 to 2008. In the Asian-inspired universe of Avatar: The Last Airbender, some people have the power to bend traditional elements through the use of psychokinetic adaptations of Chinese martial arts. This program is frequently regarded as one of the best cartoons of all time and is frequently mistaken for an anime.

The story, the characters, the animation, the concept, the music, and the humor really come together to make something spectacular, something that not only stands out from ANY other cartoon on Nick, but any other cartoon at all. In my opinion, this amazing program belongs in the top 3. It dealt with serious subjects including war, family, friendship, abuse, and even death in a very mature way for kids. And to think that people are still TALKING about a show that ran from 2005 through 2008! It has remarkably aged! I adore this program. It was a groundbreaking animation that has endured the test of time for good cause.

This performance is outstanding. By not being a ridiculous slapstick comedy that relies on flimsy and unrealistic plot lines in order to garner laughs, it revolutionized what it meant to be a cartoon. One of the first popular animated programs with an overarching plot—a plotline that spans the entire run—was Avatar. They were able to demonstrate excellent character development by doing this. While retaining his humorous qualities, Sokka evolved from an egotistical, sexist jerk to a guy deserving of ruling the Water Tribe. Aang evolved from a chirpy youngster into a real hero. Katara evolved from a domineering supportive figure into a powerful, self-reliant warrior. The biggest transformation was undoubtedly shown by Zuko, who went from villain to hero. You

get the idea. In addition to the primary ensemble, there was a fantastic and unforgettable group of supporting actors, including Iroh, Bumi, and Azula. Aside from the characters, they created a vast and intricate universe. so much so that

I adore this because of the inventive and artistic ‘Avatar’ universe. It provides you with a fascinating background on the characters’ surroundings as well as absolutely STUNNING images. You can identify to the main cast since they are diverse and three dimensional, but you’ll also recall the supporting cast. The best clowns ever had to be Sokka and Toph! And Zuko’s growth is so genuine! You can empathize with the characters, like Katara, who lost her mother and now acts as a mother figure to her group so they have someone to keep them together. As the Avatar, Aang grows throughout the series, evolving from a young child to a wise and spiritual leader for the planet.

It’s a fantastic program, Avatar the Last Airbender. I’m amazed it isn’t currently ranked first! It’s ideal for viewers of all ages and contains all of the elements of a great program, including romance, humor, adventure, action, and strong characters. The earthbending abilities of Toph are amazing and great, Aang is a good time, and Sokka is always making me giggle. There was probably never an episode where I didn’t laugh aloud. The bravery and kindness of Katara are unquestionably admirable. I’ve seen every episode, and it’s never dull. The creators also performed a fantastic job, especially with the entire notion of bending! Who could not adore that? The plot is amazing and teeming with danger and excitement.

This program is legendary! There isn’t and never will be a television program that can match Avatar! This AMAZING AMAZING cartoon will always be one of my favorites.

7 Tom and Jerry

In 1940, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera launched the American animated comedy series Tom and Jerry. The Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer series, which is best known for its 161 theatrical short films, focuses on the rivalry between the titular characters Tom, a cat, and Jerry, a mouse. Numerous recurring characters are also present in several shorts.

Without a doubt, one of the greatest cartoons ever. Due to their age at the time of release, if you’re under, say, 40 years old, you probably don’t enjoy these older cartoons.

This cat and that mouse are the best. not even between us
I couldn’t live without this since it is so incredibly fantastic. Since I was a young child, it has played a significant role in my life. Now that I am a teenager, I still adore it dearly.
I also don’t see why it isn’t among the top three! Especially because it is far better than South Park. Vote for it now, please! And raise it to the top because it deserves it so much!

Wait, This animated masterpiece was made by the Yogi Bear creator. Hannah Barbara is a powerful person. It was the first animated film I ever seen. At the time, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was all I was familiar with.
Tom and Jerry is not only entertaining, but also humorous. Tom and Jerry is a better choice for me to watch than Scooby Doo or Simpsons season 30. The Old Simpsons are my favorite, not Lisa Goes Gaga.

The funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Simple laughs that keep you watching the show. You’ll watch it for hours on end before realizing it’s merely a collection of sounds and moving images. You keep falling deeper and deeper into the TOM AND JERRY black hole even when you realize it is simply a bunch of drawings.

Tom and Jerry are appropriate for people of all ages.

8 Adventure Time

Pendleton Ward created the American animated television program Adventure Time for Cartoon Network. The show centers on the exploits of a little boy named Finn (voiced by Jeremy Shada) and Jake, his adopted brother and best friend, a magical dog with the ability to change size and shape at will (voiced by John DiMaggio). In the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo, Finn and Jake reside. They interact with Princess Bubblegum (voiced by Hynden Walch), the Ice King (voiced by Tom Kenny), and Marceline the Vampire Queen (voiced by Olivia Olson) throughout the course of the program. The show is based on a short created for the animation incubator series Random! Cartoons on Nicktoons and Frederator Studios.

Oh, I’m very disappointed that such a fantastic show didn’t make the top 10. I am aware of why this is so poor. Whoever says, “It’s too illogical and colorful. Pen Ward was high when he wrote it, so disregard it and cast your ballot for anything else. That would make sense if you were unfamiliar with the program and had only seen the first two minutes. The term “creativity” is used instead of “stoned” to describe it. I’ll offer you the main reason why this show is so popular with adults in case you don’t already know. This show is quotable, imaginative, has likeable characters, is humorous, brilliant, and a major shocker for the folks I’ve just described; it is not just entertaining.

to be random is random. If you were to watch it, the randomness would be explained—not by big revelations, but rather by small bits of continuity that gradually reveal the story’s past. That’s accurate. It’s not a cartoon that has one bizarre episode and then restarts everything. You want to keep watching because history is constantly happening. It is, further

Do you enjoy taking on new challenges, unlike Dora, Pokemon, or even Kung Fu Panda. Everyone was amazed by this one show. Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, or just Adventure Time, is the title. The animated series was named the top Cartoon Network program worldwide. There are many humorous experiences in Adventure Time. Because they both feature kingdoms, saving princesses, and sporting activities, the program is practically a match for Super Mario Bros. Everyone adored Adventure Time since it was the best cartoon in the entire world and a huge success. About 28,000–30,000 viewers praised the program. Even while it may be the most popular show on show Network globally, it isn’t the

only the top cartoon globally. Since the greatest comes last.

Given the enormous impact this show has left behind, it ought to be ranked higher. I really enjoy normal show, but given the influence it had on Cartoon Network during its worst days, this show ought to rank as the best cartoon of all time. Regular Show, Steven Universe, and Gravity Falls wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Adventure Time. Its setting appeals to me, and its plot outperforms that of most shows. Even still, I continue to believe that humor on regular shows is better. But my all-time favorite cartoon friendship is one from Adventure Time. The camaraderie between Finn and Jake is the best, because they are just so well-written.

Typically, people’s initial thoughts about this show are, “The characters are so annoying.” “What the people who made this were high!” Why do people appreciate this when it’s nothing special? “This is really absurd. Why should I give a damn about such a pointless waste of time? and “It’s just a lively distraction for young children under the age of six.” I can’t take it any longer to see my brain numb…. WOW. Simply WOW. They are the issue, not this show. They don’t want to invest mental energy in trying to solve the puzzle of why this is happening; they just want action right away. Gravity Falls could only dream of the complexity, depth, mystery, and darkness of the AT tale.

to be. You know why? Because a nuclear war does not happen after a relationship. That is the reason.

9 Regular Show

The first episode of J. G. Quintel’s Regular Show, an American cartoon television program for Cartoon Network, aired on September 6, 2010. The plot of the show centers on the friendship of two animals that work together as groundskeepers at a nearby park: a raccoon named Rigby and a blue jay named Mordecai.

Another program that started this decade. This was the very first cartoon I watched as a child. It transforms ordinary circumstances into wacky, strange, and amusing ones. Although that format has been somewhat overused, the program can still be intriguing if it features a variety of unique characters. At satire, the character’s misfortunes and experiences can be heartwarming and incredibly humorous, but some of them can also be unnecessary filler. Regular Show had a terrific run, despite its shortcomings, and I will always treasure it as an adult.

Even though the old Cartoon Network shows were fantastic, this program really stunned everyone. the program known as Regular Show. It quickly rose to the top spot among Cartoon Network cartoons. Because of the great comedy, clever lines, and thrilling action, everyone enjoyed it. The characters themselves were fantastic. The show was so well received by more than 12,000 viewers. The primary reason is that comedy is one of the most well-liked genres in the world. The following cartoon airs on FOX rather than Cartoon Network.

This sitcom is more entertaining to watch than any other because of the fluid delivery and character development. Regular Show uses situations that finish in one episode but will still matter later in the next, unlike other shows that seem to reset situations or carry on a plot line with each new episode. We observe how these encounters start to weigh the characters’ decisions, enriching them even further. Good work.

Regular Show is such a light-hearted and enjoyable cartoon. It doesn’t have many negative episodes and is quite consistent with good ones. It’s way underappreciated, and aside from Steven Universe, I think it’s superior to the majority of contemporary cartoons. I enjoy most of the characters since they all have unique personalities that add to the appeal of the program. I highly recommend this fantastic animated series to everyone because it is suitable for viewers of all ages.

10 Batman: The Animated Series

An American animated television program called Batman: The Animated Series is based on the DC Comics character Batman.
The outstanding action sequences and enduring cast of characters are the only ones that can match the dynamic plot and distinctive film noir style. It reinvented Batman in this show. Only the strong toughness of a compassionate, caring Batman who understands what it means to “have a bad day” can equal the Joker’s wild, frenzied plots, the Riddler’s incredible brilliance, Poison ivy’s charms and cunning, and Two-Face’s juxtaposition and character development. This episode is truly complete thanks to Commissioner Gordon’s tenacity and inclusion in the Bat-family as well as Alfred’s sarcastic wit. This program can be enjoyed differently by adults, kids, and teenagers. Everything is a cartoon.ought to be.

Oh, yeah! This is my favorite cartoon of all time, and it isn’t just because I adore Batman; it also stands out for its incredible storytelling abilities, menacing tone, stirring themes, top-notch voice acting, and groundbreaking animation. A gloomy and bizarre world with dramatic, grim happenings constantly taking place is brought to life by the characters. Up until the very final second, when everything changes, they manage to keep you interested in this series. Each voice actor was a fantastic match for their role, including Kevin Conroy as Batman, Mark Hamill as the Joker, Bob Hastings as Jim Gordon, etc. (and it also helped make the majority of them famous!). Additionally, this animated series distinguishes out as an older program whose animation still competes with those of studio giants like Pixar or DreamWorks. This animation altered the

how we view animation in its whole. Without it, the cartoon would have been just another random Batman cartoon, which took real work and heart to produce. The best cartoon of all time is without a doubt this program.

We were truly convinced that there was a Batman, a real Batman, thanks to Kevin Conroy’s outstanding acting along with the graphics and animation. one who was pure and opposed evil. a hero who can look into humankind’s worst moments and work for its redemption. What other hero or series was able to convey profound ideas in a 20-minute cartoon? This is the finest animated series of all time because of the insane and evil Joker, the tragic tale of Mr. Freeze, the cast of strange villains (I’m looking at you, Kyodai Ken, Lyle Bolton, and Doll-Face), the episodes without supervillains, and the originality of each episode. The episodes “Two-Face (Parts 1 & 2),” “Second Chance,” “His Silicon Soul,” “Perchance to Dream,” and “Second Chance”

Just a handful of the many episodes that reinvented Batman and his foes by revealing them to be more human than ever before were “Heart of Ice,” “Over the Edge,” “Mad Love,” and “I Am the Night.”

The Batman animation that played a significant role in shaping my early Batman fandom! Although it is intended for children (as are most cartoons), it doesn’t dumb itself down for the audience, making it incredibly entertaining for both adult and child viewers. For me, the iconic portrayals of Batman and the Joker by Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill stand as the best examples of the characters. I strongly urge you to watch this show if you have even the tiniest interest in the Batman persona and haven’t done so already.

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