Tom and Jerry Here is a complete list of all 166 episodes, , including their original air dates:


Tom and Jerry Here is a complete list of all 166 episodes, , including their original air dates:

tom and jerry

The first episode of the classic animated series “Tom and Jerry” is titled “Puss Gets the Boot.” It was released on February 10, 1940, and was directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

However, it was originally intended to-be,a one-time cartoon called

“Jasper” featuring a cat named Jasper and a mouse named Jinx.

tom and jerry
tom and jerry characters
Here is a complete list of all 166 Tom and Jerry episodes, including their original air dates:
tom and jerry characters
Here is a complete list of all 166 Tom and Jerry episodes, including their original air dates:
tom and jerry characters

tom and jerry characters

tom and jerry episodes

In “Puss Gets the Boot,” the characters-that would later become known as Tom

(originally called Jasper) and Jerry (originally called Jinx) were introduced.

The episode revolves around their comedic antics and their constant chase and battle throughout the house.

Despite Tom’s efforts to catch Jerry, he often ends,up being-outsmarted by the clever little mouse.

Here is a complete list of all 166 Tom and Jerry episodes, including their original air dates:
Here is a complete list of all 166 Tom and Jerry episodes, including their original air dates:
Here is a complete list of all 166 Tom and Jerry episodes, including their original air dates:
Here is a complete list of all 166 Tom and Jerry episodes, including their original air dates:

The success of “Puss Gets the Boot” led to the creation of additional episodes featuring Tom and Jerry, and the series became one of the most beloved and enduring animated franchises of all time, winning multiple Academy Awards for Animated Short Film.

tom and jerry

tom and jerry

Here is a complete list of all 166 Tom and Jerry episodes, including their original air dates:

SeasonEpisodeTitleAir Date
19401Puss Gets the BootFebruary 10, 1940
19402The Midnight SnackJuly 19, 1941
19403The Night Before ChristmasDecember 6, 1941
19404Fraidy CatJanuary 17, 1942
19405Dog TroubleApril 18, 1942
19406Puss n’ TootsMay 30, 1942
19407The Bowling Alley CatJuly 2, 1942
19408Fine Feathered FriendAugust 6, 1942
19409The Cat Above and the Mouse BelowSeptember 3, 1942
194010The Mouse Comes to TownOctober 1, 1942
194011The Little OrphanNovember 5, 1942
194012Jerry and the LionDecember 3, 1942
194113The Yankee Doodle MouseJanuary 7, 1943
194114The Cat ConcertoFebruary 4, 1943
[Image of The Cat Concerto Tom and Jerry episode]
194115The Mouse and the MonsterMarch 4, 1943
194116The Million Dollar CatApril 1, 1943
194117The Cat and the MermouseMay 6, 1943
194118The Truce HurtsJune 3, 1943
194119The Cat Above and the Mouse Below (remake)July 1, 1943
194120Jerry and the GoldfishAugust 5, 1943
194121The Mouse That Saved the NavySeptember 2, 1943
194122The BodyguardOctober 7, 1943
194123The Cat’s MeowNovember 4, 1943
194124The Yankee Doodle Mouse (remake)December 2, 1943
194225The Little Orphan (remake)January 6, 1944
194226Jerry and the Lion (remake)February 3, 1944
194227The Mouse in the HouseMarch 3, 1944
[Image of The Mouse in the House Tom and Jerry episode]
194228The Cat and the CanaryApril 7, 1944
194229Mouse TroubleMay 5, 1944
[Image of Mouse Trouble Tom and Jerry episode]
194230The Dog HouseJune 2, 1944
194231The Cat and the Mouse (remake)July 7, 1944
194232Puddin’head PoliticsAugust 4, 1944
194233The Cat Above and the Mouse Below (remake)September 1, 1944
194234The Yankee Doodle Mouse in HollywoodOctober 6, 1944
194235The Mouse and the Monster (remake)November 3, 1944
194236The Cat and the Mermouse (remake)December 1, 1944
194337The Million Dollar Cat (remake)January 5, 1945
Here is a complete list of all 166 Tom and Jerry episodes, including their original air dates:
tom and jerry

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tom and jerry

Here is a complete list of all 166 Tom and Jerry episodes, including their original air dates:

Season 1940: Puss Gets The Boot (S1940E01)
10 February 1940, CBS
While Jerry thwarts Tom’s attempts to catch him, Tom follows Jerry throughout their home. While following Jerry, Tom damages numerous items throughout the house, but Mammy intervenes at that point. Tom’s mother is his owner. She threatens to throw him outside if he damages anything more in the house. Jerry then kicks Tom outdoors by knocking down numerous items in the house to make Mammy believe Tom did it. To avoid being flung outside, Tom makes every effort to prevent all of these objects from falling.

S1940E02 The Late-Night Meal
19 July 1941 CBS
Jerry chooses to eat something late at night. And what could be better than some delicious, fresh cheese! He gets some out of the fridge, but Tom pursues him after it before he can even start eating. Mammy hears the noise and descends in a huff after pursuing Jerry and damaging numerous items. Tom hides Jerry in the refrigerator because he is afraid. Later, Mammy discovers Jerry in the refrigerator. She becomes quite enraged and kicks Tom out of the house. Jerry snatches up the cheese and eventually eats it while Mammy is doing that.

S1940E03 Christmas Eve: The Night Before
CBS, December 6, 1941
Christmas Eve has come. Jerry notices a cheese-shaped gift that has been wrapped.

Fraidy Cat S1940E04
17 January 1942, CBS
Tom listens to “The Witching Hour” on the radio, which features spooky tales that nearly cause Tom a heart attack. Jerry comes up with a plan to scare Tom after observing Tom’s response to the radio show. He rearranges everything in the house to give the impression that a ghost is present. Jerry makes every effort to frighten Tom effectively. Tom collapses because he is so startled by all that is strangely happening. Later, after learning that Jerry was responsible for everything, he pursues him around the house. Tom accidentally strikes Mammy rather than Jerry, and she once more kicks him out.

S1940E05 Canine Issues
18 April 1942 CBS
Tom is once more chasing Jerry as they collide with a bull dog. When the bull dog becomes enraged, it starts pursuing both Tom AND Jerry.

Puss n’ Toots, S1940E06
May 30, 1942 CBS
A adorable little cat that just so happens to be a girl is brought home by Mammy. Tom falls in love with the cat the moment he sees it. Tom struggles to maintain his composure around the kitten while still giving her gifts, like fish. Jerry intends to sabotage this.

S1940E07 In the Lane-Cat
18 July 1942 CBS
At the bowling alley are Tom and Jerry. Tom keeps attempting to hit Jerry with his ball. Every time he rolls, he thinks about Jerry. Jerry avenges himself by placing the bowling ball on his foot, tying it to his tail, having it roll toward him, and other similar tactics.

Fine Feathered Friend, S1940E08 October 10, 1942 CBS
On a farm, Tom is chasing Jerry, who hides by a hen. Tom surprises the hen, who then strikes him firmly. Jerry portrays himself as a chick by dressing the part and acting like a hen. Jerry is perceived by the other girls as being simply another one of them. Tom flees from the hen while Jerry follows him.stays close to the mother bird and her brood.

S1940E09 Cats in pain!
16 January 1943, CBS
Alley cat observes Jerry being pursued into an alley. When the alley cat tries to devour him, Tom intervenes and claims that it is his mouse. As Jerry runs off and tries to hide, the two cats fight for him. Tom wants Jerry all to himself despite the alley cat’s request that they share the mouse. They compete to see who can capture Jerry first as a result.

S1940E10 The Solitary Mouse
22 May 1943 CBS
Tom gets kicked out of the house by Mammy after being falsely accused of destroying something by Jerry. Jerry is ecstatic that he has finally prevailed. He takes up residence in Tom’s space, sleeping on his bed and drinking his milk. Jerry eventually becomes extremely lonely and bored due to the lack of pursuit. Nothing needs to be done. Tom yells for Tom to get the mouse out of the home as Jerry runs outside to find him. Tom follows Jerry around the house while acting to appease Mammy. Tom becomes enraged when Jerry returns after he has once more claimed his turf. The chase then resumes from the beginning. Jerry is feel the thrill again.

S1940E11 American Doodle Mouse
26 June 1943 CBS
Jerry is being attacked by Tom with everything in the house. To hurt Jerry, he tosses everything he can get his hands on, including lamps, paper airplanes, and vases. It essentially feels like a war is being waged. Jerry responds by fighting Tom back with a cheese grater and explosives. For the remainder of the show, they continue to fight back and forth (i.e. Yankee Doodle Mouse). As a result of blowing up Tom with the explosives and transforming him into an American flag, Jerry emerges victorious from the conflict.

Baby Puss, S1940E12
CBS, December 25, 1943
Tom is being dolled up by a little girl to resemble an infant kitten. Tom chases Jerry around the home and into a dollhouse when Jerry mocks him. Jerry disguises himself as a doll to sneak away from Tom. The alley cats laugh and tease Tom as Jerry shows them his appearance from outside. When the alley cats enter the home, they clothe Tom in diapers so that he REALLY like a newborn. The tiny girl then appears, causing the alley cats to hastily flee. Tom is still being transformed into a kitten by the young girl as Jerry and the neighborhood cats laugh at him.

S1940E13 Animal Cat
CBS on February 26, 1944
Tom presents Jerry to a female cat he truly adores. Tom pouts as he returns to the house after the girl rejects the present. He overhears a zoot suit on the radio. A well fitted and attractive suit is cut out and put together by Tom. When Tom returns to the girl cat’s home, she swoons at his new dapper appearance. Tom makes the girl fall in love with him by acting like Charles Boyer. Jerry realizes he must sabotage this. Tom becomes enraged by whatever Jerry does, and as a result, Jerry is chased around the house and falls into a fishbowl. The outfit contracts to fit Jerry,Jerry is wearing it. He assumes Tom’s role and treats the girl cat like a little Charles Boyer


S1940E14 Cat with a Million Dollars
CBS, May 6, 1944
Up until a letter arrives, Tom and Jerry are engaged in their customary chase. When Tom reads it, he discovers that one of his relatives left him a million dollars! Until Jerry reads it and draws attention to a point Tom overlooked, he cheers in joy. Tom is powerless over all life, not even mice! Jerry is happy about the inheritance because it means he can get away with doing whatever he wants without Tom retaliating since Tom isn’t allowed to harm any living thing. Jerry then uses Tom’s new life to his advantage, sleeping in his bed and devouring all of his food. Tom eventually gives up his meal and after getting a pad of butter in the eye, he snaps and starts beating Jerry. Then he exclaims, “Gee, I’m throwing away a million dollars… BUT I’M HAPPY!!”

The Bodyguard (S1940E15)
22 July 1944 CBS
Jerry makes a valiant effort to free Spike from the dogcatcher. In return, Spike instructs him to whistle whenever he requires assistance if Tom pursues him.

Putting On The Dog, S1940E16
28 October 1944 CBS
Jerry is pursued by Tom directly into a dog pound. Once inside, Jerry settles in because he knows Tom won’t enter after him. Tom, though, has a thought. He dons a dog mask and walks into the pound acting like a dog. He tells all the dogs that Tom is actually a cat under the disguise after chasing Jerry for a while. Tom is chased out of the pound by every dog.

Mouse Issues, S1940E17
23 November 1944 CBS
A book titled “How to catch a Mouse” is opened by Tom. Although Jerry is caught in the traps… The cunning mouse foils Tom’s plan to capture him, and Tom brutally goes through all the traps.

S1940E18 The Dinner with the Mouse
May 5, 1945 CBS
In addition to being employed as a servant by his new lover, Tom strikes Jerry with a hammer. Jerry is forced to carry out Tom’s orders while wearing a waiter’s uniform. Tom and Jerry get into a quarrel, and vice versa. All of this turns off his girlfriend. She then departs and the cat and mouse struggle resumes as normal.

Mouse S1940E19 New York City
CBS, July 7, 1945
Jerry makes the decision to relocate to a major city from the country. Tom receives a note from him informing him of his leaving. When he first gets to the city, everything goes wrong for him. He is pursued by cars, cats, other objects, and the police, who also shoot at him. Jerry is aware that he is simply not suited for the metropolis. He tears the message he penned for Tom to pieces before returning to the countryside. Being at home is nice.

21 July 1945 CBS
At a golf course are Tom and Jerry. Jerry serves as Tom’s tee. After performing poorly and taking a lot of golf shots,balls, he is assaulted both on and off the course by everything. Jerry, of course, takes any opportunity to avenge Tom’s use of him as a tee.

Flirty Birdy, S1940E21
22 September 1945 CBS
Tom has located Jerry. Just as he is about to devour him, Jerry is taken away by an eagle.

S1940E22 Please be quiet!
CBS, December 22, 1945
A cranky Spike warns Tom that if he hears one more thing, he will act in the worst way after Tom chases Jerry around the house and makes a lot of noise.

S1940E23 The Spring CBS March 30, 1946 For Thomas
Tom’s new sweetheart, a white cat, has captured his heart. By giving her tiny kisses, etc., he makes her feel special. Jerry, the naughty child, comes up with a plan to separate the new marriage. In a fictitious letter, he informs an alley cat that the white cat has fallen in love with him. Trouble starts when the alley cat notices Tom with her.

S1940E24 Milky Waif
18 May 1946 CBS
Jerry discovers a newborn mouse that was misplaced. Nibbles is his name. He consumes anything he can get his hands on because he is constantly hungry. While trying to keep the infant away from Tom, Jerry takes care of him. But Nibbles consumes Tom’s milk as a result of his insatiable desire. Jerry makes numerous attempts to save Nibbles as Tom chases him about the home.

Trap Happy June 29, 1946 CBS S1940E25
When Tom runs out of patience with chasing Jerry all the time, he employs Butch, a mouse exterminator, to get rid of Jerry for good. Everything goes according to plan until Butch shows up, but only for a short while. Jerry swiftly takes control and frustrates all attempts to apprehend Tom and Butch.

A solid serenade, S1940E26
31 August 1946 CBS
Tom tries to win over Toodles, a gorgeous female kitten, on this moonlit night. He therefore comes a guitar, ties up Spike, who is in charge of watching over Toodles’ property, and serenades Toodles. Unfortunately, the serenading wakes up Jerry, who just so happens to live nearby. He decides to do everything in his power to wreck everything because he is more irritated than ever.Tom’s night.

Cat Fishing, S1940E27 (February 22, 1947) CBS
It’s a gorgeous day beside the lake. one that is enclosed by a fence and has “keep out” and “no fishing” signs posted all over it. not to add Spike the bulldog that watches over it. Tom, however, decides to take a chance and slip inside to go fishing nevertheless, using Jerry as live bait.

Part Time Pal S1940E28
15 March 1947 CBS
Mammy Two-Shoes, Tom’s owner, warns him to keep Jerry away from the refrigerator for the evening or he will be kicked out of the house. When Tom hears this, Jerry outsmarts him but goes too far, causing Tom to tumble into a barrel of cider and become inebriated. The inebriated Tom treats Jerry well but, in addition to other actions against Mammy’s instructions, causes a mess in the kitchen. Jerry therefore tries his best to rouse Tom from his reverie before the cat gets into big trouble with Mammy.

S1940E29 April 26, 1947 CBS The Cat Concerto
In this episode, Tom portrays a concert pianist who plays magnificently but is frequently stopped by Jerry, who causes Tom to press the wrong notes on the keyboard. Tom repeatedly strikes the keys Jerry is on in an effort to silence him throughout the show.

S1940E30 Mr. Mouse and Dr. Jekyll
June 14, 1947 CBS
Jerry consumes a medicine that increases his strength. He makes the decision to pursue Tom because he is more powerful this time. When the potion starts to wear off, Tom drinks some of it for himself and gains strength and size. He then immediately shrinks, first to half Jerry’s size and then to an ant’s size, and flees from Jerry, who continues to pursue him.with a fly-swatter.

S1940E31 12th July 1947, CBS, Salt Water Tabby
At the beach, Tom is courting a female cat, and Jerry is trying to ruin his fun by pulling jokes on him.

S1940E32 August 30, 1947, “A Mouse in the House” CBS
Jerry has Mammy Two-Shoes very sick and weary. She then asks Tom and Butch to help her catch him, promising that whichever cat is successful in doing so would get to stay in the house and that whichever cat fails will be sent out with Jerry.

S1940E33 The Unseen Mouse
CBS on September 27, 1947
As usual, Jerry dives into an ink bottle to hide as Tom pursues him. Tom rushes off in the direction he believes the mouse fled without noticing. Jerry learns that his lower body is invisible as he comes out of the bottle! He then noticed that the ink he was in was invisible, so he covered his entire body in it before pursuing Tom with the intention of scaring the heck out of him.

S1940E34 June 1, 1948: Kitty Foiled CBS
Finally caught by Tom, Jerry is going to be devoured. However, the house canary can’t stand it and steps in to save Jerry. Tom then chases after the two of them.However, Tom is absolutely outdone by Jerry and the canary’s collaboration.

S1940E35 The Peace Aches
July 17, 1948 CBS
Tom, Jerry, and Spike agree to a truce after growing weary of fighting. They now look out for one another, share a bed, and so forth. They don’t start fighting over who gets the larger share until a large steak is dropped by their residence.

Old Rockin’ Chair Tom, S1940E36
18 September 1948 CBS
Jerry is once more “attacking” Mammy Two-Shoes, and she once more tells Tom to get rid of him. After yet another disastrous failure, Mammy decides that Tom is too old to continue working in the mouse-catching industry. She then brings in Lightning, a younger, faster, and more hyper cat, who dispatches Jerry in a flash. Mammy instructs him to take excellent care of Tom and goes to bed after being pleased with the new kitten. But when Lightning accuses Tom of breaking into the refrigerator, Tom is also evicted from the home. So, Tom and Jerry each come up with a strategy to permanently get rid of Lightning.

Tom the Professor, S1940E37
CBS on October 30, 1948
Tom is trying his hardest to teach a kitten how to capture a mouse, but the kitten has trouble concentrating. When Tom eventually instructs the kitten to capture Jerry as a trial run, the kitten sets off with tenacity. Jerry, however, observes that the young cat enjoys mice despite his instructions, and he exploits this and uses it against Tom.

Tom the Professor, S1940E37
CBS on October 30, 1948
Tom is trying his hardest to teach a kitten how to capture a mouse, but the kitten has trouble concentrating. When Tom eventually instructs the kitten to capture Jerry as a trial run, the kitten sets off with tenacity. Jerry, however, observes that the young cat enjoys mice despite his instructions, and he exploits this and uses it against Tom.

The Polka-Dot Puss, S1940E39
26 February 1949 CBS
Tom is ready to be sent outside for the evening by Mammy Two-Shoes, but since there is a lightning storm going on, he pretends to be unwell to stay inside. Tom is allowed to spend the night inside when Mammy is duped. Tom is happy that his ruse was successful, but Jerry is irritated by this and paints red dots all over Tom’s face to make him appear ill. Tom succumbs to this and allows Jerry to handle his care in a cruel manner.

S1940E40 Le Petit Orphelinat
30 April 1949 CBS
Tom and Jerry invite an abandoned mouse to join them for Thanksgiving dinner. Nibbles eats everything in his path since he is constantly hungry. While Jerry tries to assist Nibbles in evading capture, a furious Tom chases him around the home.

S1940E41 Embryo Up Your Problems
May 14, 1949 CBS
A woodpecker egg rolls toward Jerry’s door after falling from its nest. When it hatches, Jerry returns it to the nest. When Jerry returns to his burrow, the woodpecker follows him, and it then crosses Tom’s path.

A Heavenly Puss, S1940E42
July 9, 1949 CBS
Tom is slain by a piano and then begins to go to Heaven. However, he is denied entry since he has been pursuing Jerry for years. He must persuade Jerry to sign a piece of paper that expresses his apology in order for him to enter Heaven. Tom will be moving to Australia if Jerry doesn’t sign the document.

S1940E43 The Mermaid and the Cat

  1. September 1949 CBS
    Tom sinks to the bottom of a lake after he drowns. He discovers a mermouse there and makes an attempt to catch and eat it. But the mermouse resists giving in so readily.

Love That Pup, S1940E44
1st October 1949 CBS
Tom accidentally grabs Spike’s son and Spike gives it to Tom. While Tom works to come up with a method to grab Jerry without either of the dogs noticing, Jerry settles in near Spike.

S1940E45 Diary of Jerry dated October 22, 1949 CBS
Tom sits down and discovers Jerry’s diary after growing weary of chasing Jerry. Opening it, he begins to read it while playing excerpts from earlier episodes.

S1940E46 Tennis Stupids
10 December 1949 CBS
Butch and Tom compete in a tennis event. Nevertheless, throughout the game, bad things keep happening. Jerry notices and believes he can take advantage of this. However, in order to compete against Tom and Butch, he employs tricks.

Little Quacker, episode one of season 1950–1950
1970 January 7 CBS
Tom decides to eat a duck egg for breakfast after finding one. Tom starts to fry the egg as it begins to hatch. When Jerry notices this, he quickly swipes the duck from Tom before it can be lost. They thwart Tom’s efforts to get duck soup while he starts chasing Jerry after the duck.

S1950E02 Puss on Saturday Evening
CBS, January 14, 1950
Mama wants to eat at a restaurant. To celebrate, Tom invites his pals over and they use Jerry as the record player needle. After escaping from this, Jerry avenges himself by dishing out some punishment on Tom and his friends.

Tex S1950E03 Tom
11 March 1950 CBS
Tom, who plays a cowboy in this episode, employs Jerry as a servant. He goes to great lengths to win over a female cat. When Jerry becomes enraged, he unleashes a large bull on Tom, who quickly flees from it and displeases the female cat.

S1950E04 The Lion and Jerry
CBS, April 8, 1950
Tom and Jerry learn that a lion is on the loose in their region from the radio. Tom dons his hunting gear and pulls out a weapon out of fear. Later, when Jerry discovers the lion inside their home and realizes that it is harmless, he asks the lion to fool Tom into thinking that he is a dangerous animal.

Safety Second, S1950E05 July 1, 1950, CBS
On this Fourth of July, Nibbles anticipates a fun day filled with spectacular fireworks. Jerry, however, is opposed to it since he puts safety first. Even so, Nibbles sneaks the pyrotechnics out, which ultimately results in a violent confrontation with Tom.

S1950E06 Los Angeles Bowl
CBS, September 16, 1950
Tom serves as the conductor at the Hollywood Bowl. Jerry jumps into Tom’s sleeves to help out because he wants to. Tom repeatedly denies offering to help. Tom reciprocates Jerry’s angry blows by beating Tom with musical instruments.

S1950E07 Indicated Cat
CBS on October 21, 1950
When Mammy accuses Jerry of stealing some chicken, Tom is forced to go after him. Mad, Jerry accuses Tom of stealing Spike’s bone in an attempt to frame him, which leads to further false accusations.

S1950E08 Cat with Cue Ball
CBS, November 25, 1950
It’s in a room with a pool table. To hit with his cue stick while attempting to get into each of the pockets, Tom utilizes Jerry as a ball. To retaliate against him, Jerry acts similarly.

Casanova Cat, S1950E09 January 6, 1951 CBS
To once more impress a female cat, Tom is doing a lot of uncomfortable things with Jerry. When Jerry becomes impatient, he summons Butch to come retrieve the female cat. To determine who will get to have her, Tom and Butch fight it out.

S1950E10 Goldfish and Jerry
3 March 1951, CBS
Goldy, the house goldfish, and Jerry become close friends. Tom grabs Goldy to cook him as soon as he hears a recipe for fish on the radio. Tom pursues both of them around the house after Jerry protects him.

S1950E11 Cousin of Jerry
CBS, April 7, 1951
The roadway is littered with battered alley cats. Jerry’s cousin Muscles Mouse created this. He makes contact with Jerry and offers to assist with Tom’s care.

S1950E12 Time for Bed Tom
26 May 1951 CBS
Early in the morning after a night of partying, Tom and his buddies return home. Because Mammy had to keep Jerry away from the food, she was upset when she discovered Tom dozing on the window. Tom is so exhausted that all he wants to do is sleep, but Mammy has warned him that if she finds him dozing off at work, he will be fired. When Jerry overhears this, he repeatedly tries to put Tom to sleep.

His Mouse, S1950E13 CBS on July 7, 1951, Friday
Tom washes up on a remote island after becoming lost at sea in a life raft. He meets Jerry while pretending to be a cannibal.

Slicked-Up Pup, 1950 Episode 14
2008 September 8 CBS
Tyke is currently being bathed by Spike. He finishes and then goes to grab some steak, leaving him on the porch. However, he doesn’t get very far before Tom and Jerry start after him, which leads to Tyke falling into the mud and getting soiled once more. Spike tells Tom to clean him up and threatens to beat him to death if he’s still filthy when he returns. When Jerry learns this, he tries to make Tyke dirty himself to get Tom into trouble.

Nit-Witty Kitty, S1950E15
six october 1951 CBS
As per usual, Tom is pursuing Jerry, and Mammy Two-Shoes is encouraging him. But when she uses a broom to hit Jerry in the head in an effort to crush him herself, Tom is hit instead. As a result, Tom has amnesia and behaves in a mouse-like manner. Therefore, Jerry and Mammy each make an effort to heal him.

Cat Napping, S1950E16 December 8, 1951 CBS
Tom steps outside into the backyard on a sunny day with some lemonade and a pillow, ready to unwind on a hammock. He kicks him out though when he realizes Jerry is already dozing asleep there. After that, a dispute ensues over who gets the hammock.

S1950E17 Airborne Cat
12 January 1952 CBS
Tom is after Jerry and the house canary, but as they seek safety in the canary’s birdhouse, they escape his grasp. Tom makes numerous attempts to catch up to them but is ultimately forced to crash through the entire house. He has pink lace connected to him when he exits the other side. Tom is aware that he can actually fly using the lace as wings, giving him a new tool with which to pursue Jerry and the canary.

S1950E18 The Duck Physician
CBS on February 16, 1952
Little Quacker is one of the ducks who are traveling at this time of year. Quacker unfortunately falls as a result of Tom shooting at his wing as he is duck hunting. Tom is ecstatic and chases after Quacker, but Jerry saves him by trying to both treat Quacker’s wound and protect him from Tom at the same time.

S1950E19 Mouseketeers: The Two
15 March 1952 CBS
Tom is confronted by the abrupt presence of Jerry and Tuffy (Nibbles), the Mouseketeers, who have been given the duties of protecting the magnificent dinner table by the oppressive King.

A Smitten Kitten, 1950E20
April 12, 1952 CBS
When Jerry observes Tom falling for a female cat once more, he becomes irritated. He recalls all of Tom’s previous relationships and all of the trouble they caused him with the aid of his evil self.

Triple Trouble, S1950E21
April 19, 1952 CBS
Three kittens are given to Mammy to care for. Tom gets to look after them, but Mammy is unaware that the three cats are malicious. Mammy believes they are “little angels,” but Tom knows they are evil. She leaves the house to get them cream. They can now torture Tom as a result. Later, they decide to torment Jerry as well after seeing him. Then, Tom and Jerry decide to collaborate and return.on the cats.

Little Runaway, 1950 Episode 22
14 June 1952 CBS
When a young seal escapes from the circus, Jerry makes friends with it. Tom tries to catch the seal after hearing that there is a sizable reward for its return, with Jerry doing his best to keep it safe.

Fit To Be Tied, S1950E23, July 26, 1952 CBS
Spike trips over a tack while walking and suffers serious injuries (he had no idea it was just a tiny tack). Jerry notices him and assists in removing the tack. Spike thanks Jerry by giving him a bell to ring in case of emergency.

Push-Button Kitty, S1950E24 September 6, 1952 CBS
Mammy has had enough of Tom’s slacker tendencies and idleness. She gets a package she had been waiting for. It’s a cat-robot. Tom initially believes it to be a robot, but after seeing how Jerry was eliminated by the cat, he feels terrible and decides to leave. The robot kicks Jerry out of the residence each time he attempts to enter it again. Jerry has a scheme to occupy the robot. In the house, he places three wind-up mice. As it chases the mice, the robot wrecks all kinds of things. When Mammy notices the mess he created, she begs Tom to return.

Cruise Cat S1950E25
18 October 1952, CBS
Tom, the ship’s mascot, is sailing from Honolulu, Hawaii, on a luxurious cruise ship. Tom is warned by the captain that if he sees even one mouse on the ship, he would be expelled and a new mascot will take his place. Naturally, Jerry, who is on vacation, finds the ship and decides to board it.

S1950E26 My Dog’s House
29 November 1952 CBS
Spike is constructing his very own dog house. However, sadly for him, Tom and Jerry’s chase games keep derailing his attempts repeatedly.

The Missing Mouse, S1950E27
CBS, January 10, 1953
A white mouse has reportedly escaped from a lab after ingesting enough explosives to blow up the city, according to a radio report.

S1950E28 Jumbo and Jerry
CBS on February 21, 1953
A circus train is traveling across the city at night. However, a baby elephant that was sleeping too close to the edge of the automobile Tom was in fell out, rolled into a house, down a hill, and into Tom’s basket. Tom cuddles up on top of the elephant who is concealed by the blanket without recognizing due to exhaustion. It makes a speedy departure and uses its vehicle to steal Tom’s milk. Tom storms into the kitchen, assuming it’s Jerry. In fact, Jerry was consuming milk, but it wasn’t Tom’s. Tom is about to crash his bowl on him since he is still certain that he did it when the elephant saves the day. Next, the two flee from Tom.deciding to play a practical joke on him, Jerry paints the elephant to resemble an enormous facsimile of himself.

S1950E29 Mouse, Johann
21 March 1953 CBS
The narrator describes the life of Johann (Jerry), a waltzing mouse who resides in Johann Strauss’ Vienna residence. When Johann Strauss isn’t playing the piano one day, Tom resolves to pick up the piano to improve his chances of catching Jerry every time he’s dancing to the sounds of Johann Strauss’ piano.

S1950E30 That is my dog.
April 25, 1953 CBS
Tyke is learning the realities of being a dog from Spike. Tom is the day’s object lesson for the lesson on chasing cats, which is one of the lessons.

S1950E31 Simply Ducky
CBS, September 5, 1953
A mother duck’s six eggs have just hatched. Five of the mother duck’s ducklings follow her as she swims in happiness. Unfortunately, the final duckling is unable to swim and grows dejected.

S1950E32 A pair of tiny Indians
October 17, 1953 CBS Scoutmaster Jerry has two young orphans from the Bide a Wee Mouse Home on the brain. The two include Jerry and a sleeping Spike in a tense confrontation with Tom while wearing Indian feathers and diapers.

S1950E33 Tom’s Life November 21, 1953 CBS
third cartoon about flashbacks. In this instance, Tom is seen reading Jerry’s best-selling book, “Life with Tom.”

Puppy Tale, S1950E34 January 23, 1954 CBS
One of the puppies that Jerry rescues from a river that has been flooded by a storm follows him home. Being the cat that he is, Tom dislikes having dogs around.

Posse Cat, S1950E35, January 30, 1954, CBS
Tom is informed by the ranch cook that Jerry must be fired before more food would be provided.

S1950E36 Pup Hic-cup
April 17, 1954 CBS
When Tom accidently wakes Tyke from his snooze, he also unintentionally gives him the hiccups. This makes Spike unhappy, and until Tyke’s hiccups stop, he won’t let Tom leave his side.

Little School Mouse, S1950E37
29 May 1954 CBS
Professor Jerry flees into his classroom (mouse hole) after being pursued by Tom once more. Once there, he starts instructing Nibbles, his lone pupil, in cat outsmarting techniques. And Tom himself will be the subject of the lesson.

Baby Butch S1950E38
March 14, 1954 CBS
In an alley, Butch is going shopping. He retrieves what he can from the trash cans and carries it with him. However, he notices a bottle of fresh milk on a doorstep and walks over to retrieve it. But before Butch can grab the milk, Tom unlocks the door. Then, when Butch goes to grab the cooked chicken from the windowsill, the window is slammed shut on his fingers before he can. Butch is determined to get inside the house and steal the chicken and any other delectable delicacies that might be present, so he disguises himself as a hungry infant.

Mice Follies, S1950E39
CBS, September 4, 1954
The kitchen is full of chilly fun as Jerry and Nibbles freeze overflowing faucets to turn the floor into an ice skating rink.

Neapolitan mouse, S1950E40

  1. October 1954 CBS
    Tom and Jerry become friends with an Italian mouse named Topo while visiting Naples, Italy. Topo is a defender of justice who aids his new pals in fending off some fierce Italian canines.

Downhearted duckling S1950E41
13 November 1954 CBS
The young duckling is depressed after reading “The Ugly Duckling.” He sobs because the duck resembles him so closely. Jerry sees him sobbing and attempts to comfort him. However, the duck still believes he is ugly.

Pet Peeve: S1950E42
20 November 1954 CBS
Husband and wife inform Tom and Spike that one of them must leave and the one who captures Jerry will stay owing to the exorbitant cost of feeding them.

Touché, Pussy Cat! S1950E43
18 December 1954 CBS
Jerry receives Tuffy’s training as a Mouseketeer from his father. Jerry’s position is destroyed as a result of his horrible failure. But when he defeats Tom, he earns the title of Mouseketeer.

S1950E44 heading south Duckling
March 12, 1955 CBS
Despite being unable to fly, stubborn Quacker insists on staying home with his domestic friends since he is this time persuaded that all ducks migrate south for the winter. Tom wants a duck supper, which makes things more difficult.

30 April 1955 S1950E45 Pup On A Picnic CBS
The two groups clash as Spike and his son Tyke are having a picnic in the same area as Tom and Jerry are chasing each other around. The food fight fun continues as Tom, Jerry, Spike, Tyke, and an army of ants fight for possession of the picnic basket.

Mouse S1950E46 For Sale
21 May 1955 CBS
Tom paints Jerry white and sells him for a lot of money, which he hides beneath the carpet at home because white mice are the current vogue.

Designs On Jerry, September 2, 1955, S1950E47 CBS
Tom creates the greatest mouse trap knowing he can make a lot of money this way. However, when he falls asleep, the mouse from his designs awakens and alerts Jerry to the impending danger that this mouse trap poses to him.

S1950E48 Chérie and Tom
CBS on September 9, 1955
Jerry uses Nibbles as an errand boy to deliver letters to Lilli, a female mouse he is hopelessly in love with. Nibbles regrettably has to interact with Tom throughout these back-and-forth trips.

Smarty Cat S1950E49
CBS, October 14, 1955
Jerry wants to watch the home videos Tom and his alley cat pals are watching. But Tom and his friends throw him out the window because they don’t want him around. Angered, Jerry makes the decision to avenge himself on them by arousing Spike from his sleep and showing him how he is portrayed as a giant fool in those movies.

Pest S1950E50 Pecos
CBS, November 11, 1955
Jerry receives a telegram from his Uncle Pecos informing him that he will stay the night with him before making his big television debut. He rushes over and shows Jerry what he can do with a guitar. However, he bravely approaches Tom and pulls one of his whiskers to replace a broken string on his guitar. Tom initially finds Uncle Pecos annoying, but he soon starts to fear him because Tom’s whiskers are the ones he constantly targets when his guitar strings break.

S1950E51 That is my mother.
CBS on November 19, 1955
Tom is hit by a duck egg that rolls out of its nest. When the egg breaks open, Tom is what it sees and believes to be his mother.

S1950E52 The Flying Wizard
CBS on January 27, 1956
Tom decides to obtain a job after receiving criticism from his owner for constantly damaging items while following Jerry. He quickly discovers one that appeals to him, but it turns out to be a witch’s cat’s employment. Tom is hired and the witch retires to bed following a spooky journey on her broom. To give Jerry a good shock, Tom then makes the decision to steal the broom and ride it back home.

S1950E53 Jerry And The Egg
CBS on March 23, 1956
Hatch Up Your Troubles, a 1949 episode recreated in CinemaScope.

S1950E54 Busy Friends
CBS, May 4, 1956
an introduction to the forthcoming Tot Watchers. This is about Jeannie, the nanny who enjoys talking on the phone the most.

Tom S1950E55, the Muscle Beach
7:00 September, 1956 CBS
Tom and Butch both attempt to use their muscle-building prowess to win over a female cat, competing not only against one another but also against Jerry.

Bear S1950E56 Down Beat
CBS on October 21, 1956
On the radio, Tom and Jerry learn about a circus bear that escaped and who constantly dances whenever music is played. When music starts playing in their home and the bear arrives, it reluctantly chooses Tom as its dance partner. Jerry finds this amusing and tries to keep the music playing so he can keep watching Tom get flung around by the dancing bear.

The Blue Cat Blues S1950E57
CBS on November 6, 1956
Tom is sitting on the railroad tracks, depressed over continuing to lose his sweetheart to Butch, his competition. As he observes, Jerry recounts the entire incident because he feels bad for him.

BBQ Fight, S1950E58 December 14, 1956 CBS
Spike and Tyke’s idyllic poolside barbecue is ruined when Tom and Jerry show up and start their customary chasing antics.

Tops With Pops, S1950E59
22 February 1957 CBS
This is a CinemaScope reproduction of the Love That Pup episode from 1949.

Timid Tabby S1950E60 April 19, 1957 CBS
George, Tom’s cousin who resembles a scaredy cat, pays a visit. Jerry is unaware of this, so when he sees George freak out when he sees him, he resolves to terrify him some more. This doesn’t always succeed, though, as he occasionally scares Tom.

Feedin’ The Kiddie, S1950E61
June 7, 1957 CBS
This is a CinemaScope remake of The Little Orphan from 1949.

Mucho S1950E62 Mouse
CBS on September 6, 1957
In Spain, Meathead the Cat is told by his master to capture El Magnifico (Jerry) right away, but Meathead objects, citing El Magnifico’s well-known prowess in eluding capture. In order to get the work done, the owner decides to call Tom, the “Olympic, U.S., and World Champion Mouse Catcher.”

S1950E63 Finish of Tom’s Photo November 1, 1957 CBS
Jerry caught Tom on camera framing Spike for stealing food from the refrigerator. In an effort to get Tom into trouble, Jerry replicates the image multiple times.

S1950E64 Pleasant Ducky
CBS on January 3, 1958
Quacker is created when the Easter Bunny leaves Tom and Jerry an egg. Everything in the house is subject to the small duck’s insistence on swimming.

Royal Cat Nap, S1950E65
CBS, March 7, 1958
The monarch, who is ready to fall asleep, warns Tom that if he hears even one sound and wakes up, it’s game over!

S1950E66 The Disappearing Duck
May 2, 1958 In his final Tom and Jerry movie, CBS Quacker plays a singing duck who joins Jerry as his sidekick after learning about the glories of disappearing cream.

S1950E67 On June 6, 1958, Robin Hoodwinked CBS
Daring mice Jerry and Tuffy attempt to free Robin Hood from prison, but first they must get past Tom the guard.

1.08.58 S1950E68 Tot Watchers CBS
Tom and Jerry unwittingly end themselves caring for the infant because babysitter Jeannie, who is still on the phone, keeps getting into trouble.

1960s S1960E01 Switchin’ Kitten, Season 1960
7th September 1961 CBS
In this episode, Tom and Jerry spend a rainy night within an old castle. The owner, who was probably a relative of Dr. Frankenstein, changed the creatures’ brains. Tom had had enough of the odd creatures, and Jerry was a victim who behaved like a lion and scared Tom away.

S1960E02 Out of it and down
CBS on October 26, 1961
These characters, Tom and Jerry, go fishing.

S1960E03 It seems Greek to me!
7, December 1961 CBS
In this episode, Tom is shown pursuing Jerry in ancient Greece.

High Steaks, S1960E04
CBS on January 1, 1962
Tom and Jerry get in the way of a grumpy man’s cookout.

Mouse into Space, S1960E05
CBS on February 1, 1962
Jerry discovers Tom aboard a spacecraft.

Landing Stripling, S1960E06 April 1, 1962 CBS
This episode features Tom trying to catch a bird by using lighting to create a runway.

Calypso Cat, S1960E07 June 1, 1962 CBS
In this episode, Tom develops feelings for a Persian cat. Tom loses her to another cat when they both wind up on an island.

1960 Episode 8 Dicky Moe
CBS on July 1, 1962
An adaptation of the book “Moby Dick” with Tom and Jerry.

S1960E09 August 1, 1962 The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit CBS
In this episode, Tom, Jerry, and several weapons are in a kit.

Tall in the Trap, S1960E10
CBS on September 1, 1962
In a western episode, the sheriff employs Tom to find Jerry, but Tom unintentionally blows everything up in the process.

Safari is sorry, S1960E11
1st October 1962 CBS
Tom and Jerry are on a safari, but something happens to ruin their trip.

November 1, 1962 S1960E12 Buddies Thicker Than Water CBS
Tom enters Jerry’s house with him. However, Tom frightens the mistress with Jerry and throws him into the snow when she tries to evict the cat. The mistress is now pampering Tom as Jerry dons a ghost disguise to frighten him.

S1960E13 Carmen Get It!
CBS on December 1, 1962
Another instance of music. Tom enters an opera while Jerry is inside and hides behind a massive instrument case. Tom disguises a tape recorder as a violin and conceals it within. The tape serves as the instrument. He is a conductor as well, but ants are constantly altering the notes on a white page.

Pent-House Mouse, S1960E14
27 July 1963 CBS
In this episode, Jerry, who is extremely hungry, tricks Tom, who has plenty of food, into entering a dog show so that Jerry can later consume Tom’s food.

S1960E15 The mouse underneath and the cat above
CBS on January 1, 1964
Another instance of music. Tom, a well-known opera singer, shows up to a concert where Jerry is sound asleep. When Jerry tries to take Tom’s attention away from his performance, the two wind up practically trading places.

S1960E16 Does the Mouse Have a Doctor in It?
22 January 1964 CBS
Jerry creates a potion concoction that would turn him invisible so that he may consume all of Tom’s meals without anyone noticing. However, Tom ultimately learns the truth and ends up removing a huge Jerry from the wall.

S1960E17 A Lot of Fuss About Mousing
29 January 1964 CBS
Jerry is saved from Tom by a dog who hands him a whistle and instructs him to blast it for help. Tom covers the dog’s ears with earmuffs while he sleeps so that the dog won’t hear the whistle. But afterwards, Jerry appears in front of Tom with what appear to be the same set of earmuffs.

Snowbody Loves Me, S1960E18 (February 11, 1964), CBS
Jerry ends up where Tom is in this winter’s episode after sliding down a hill in a huge snowball. He settles in a wheel of Swiss cheese after discovering a house full of cheese. Tom tries to block the cheese with corks, but the cheese explodes and crushes Tom with countless corks. Jerry eventually performs a ballet while inside a slice of cheese.

S1960E20 Oh, sweet life story of the mouse.
March 3rd, 1965 CBS
This episode starts with Tom sounding like a sports vehicle and deals with both transportation and the abstract. When Tom and Jerry start competing, Jerry quickly overtakes Tom multiple times in a single second. Jerry starts to toss swords at Tom and draws them from his thoughts as he does so, narrowly missing. When Jerry stumbles, a question mark shows up. He grips the closest ledge while clinging to the question mark. Tom stumbles, an exclamation mark arises, and he attempts to bend it into a question mark, but instead he falls to the ground. When Tom is stuck in a drain pipe, Jerry uses a horn to rescue him. A extremely long Tom emerges, sounding like a train.

Energy Tom-ic S1960E21
CBS on January 11, 1965
This cartoon features a protracted chase scenario and upbeat classical music throughout, but Jerry saves Tom when he crashes into a large dog.

Bad Day at Cat Rock, S1960E22 January 24, 1965 CBS
Jerry takes advantage of Tom’s bad mood by playing multiple practical jokes on him when he realizes that he’s having a bad day


S1960E23 The Carry-Mouse-Off Brothers
22 February 1965 CBS
Tom is luring Jerry with food while he is beside a pool. Jerry wants the meal, but instead of going up to Tom to get it, he uses a fishing pole. Tom attempts to seduce Jerry by masquerading as a mouse, which draws a lot of other mice, but also results in him being pursued by a lot of the process.

A haunted mouse in S1960E24
29 March 1965 CBS
When Jerry’s uncle pays a visit, he liberates the animals Tom has devoured, robs Tom of his nose, and pulls some rabbits out of his hat to bash Tom with a hammer.

S1960E25 Just Crazy About Jerry
CBS, April 5, 1965
After Tom is struck by a train, he goes into a department shop with Jerry. They engage in combat utilizing clay pots, ping-pong balls, mail chutes, elevator shafts, toy fire engines, and Jerry stretching Tom’s tail hundreds of feet in length. Once again, Tom finds himself on the track and blindfolds himself, but this time, a compassionate and angelic Jerry switches the tracks so Tom won’t be struck.

Of Feline Bondage, S1960E26
26 April 1965 CBS
Jerry receives a magical invisibility potion from a fairy princess. When Tom runs away, Jerry grabs some scissors and starts hacking off his fur. Tom grabs the scissors as soon as Jerry is once more visible and starts removing his fur. They giggle until the finish of the episode while gazing into a mirror.

S1960E27 The mouse-themed year
May 17, 1965 CBS
Jerry and another mouse decide to play pranks on Tom to celebrate the Year of the Mouse.

S1960E28 The Cat Is Meow
CBS, December 22, 1965
Jerry calls on his new dog to attack Tom after just barely evading Tom. Jerry and his dog end up clinging to Tom with their teeth in a hospital with him all bandaged up.

Duel Personality S1960E29
CBS, January 8, 1966
Tom and Jerry challenge each other to a duel, which takes place in a big house.

S1960E30 Jerry, Quite Contrary, Jerry
14 January 1966 CBS
In Tom’s sleep, Jerry keeps attempting to hurt him. Jerry realizes this and makes an effort to stay awake, but it is unsuccessful. Wherever Tom goes, Jerry follows him in his dream and pursues him with the intention of hurting him.

S1960E31 Jerry-Go-Round
CBS on January 20, 1966
When Jerry aids an injured elephant at the circus, the elephant pays him back by assisting Jerry in keeping Tom away from them.

S1960E32 Love My Mouse, Love Me
CBS on February 14, 1966
Jerry yells and then tells her about the incident when Tom falls in love with another female cat and presents Jerry to her as a gift. She learns that Tom had arranged it and chooses to look after Jerry out of compassion. Tom gets into issues with the female cat because Jerry deliberately tries to get into his mouth all the time. In the end, she kisses Jerry, but after tasting him, she smacks her lips and flashes a diabolical expression. Tom joins her in chasing after Jerry with the goal of devouring him.

Puss ‘N’ Boats, S1960E33
March 21, 1966 CBS
On a boat, Tom and Jerry are pursuing one another, sending Tom into orbit and into the sea with a shark.

Filet Meow S1960E34
18 April 1966 CBS
Another shark-related episode. Jerry is saving a fish from Tom this time. Tom tries to bring the fish back, but instead he encounters a shark.

Mouse Matinee S1960E35
CBS, May 9, 1966
This episode included better sound and music along with footage from earlier episodes. When Tom and Jerry go to the movies, they are brutally reminded of the past, which prompts them to start fighting once more. To see Tom and Jerry fight in the crowd, Tom, Jerry, and Spike in the movie break up their fight.

The A-TOM-iNABLE Snowman, 1960 Episode 36
June 20, 1966 CBS
Tom tries to find Jerry, who is concealed within a cuckoo clock, but instead eats a little bomb. He pursues Jerry while wearing skis, but Jerry is inside with a Saint Bernard and is secure. To get Jerry, Tom uses his skis to create a distraction for the dog. He frequently is knocked unconscious.times and is often saved and drunkened by the Saint Bernard. Tom gets his feet wet in some water that he has poured for him, but it burns him. When he dives into the sea so high due to the water, he almost forgets about Jerry before landing on a tropical island where Jerry is ready to save Tom when he hits his head.

S1960E37 Catty-Cornered
CBS on September 10, 1966
The scene for this episode is a duplex. Jerry resides between Tom and the other Cat in one home and Tom in the other. When one cat tries to grab Jerry, the other cat is injured, and both cats conclude that Jerry is the strongest mouse ever. After having so much fun, they decide to leave the destroyed house, and Jerry joins them.

Cat and Dupli-Cat from S1960E38
16 January 1967 CBS
Jerry is once more the victim of two cats, and at first none of them recognizes the existence of a second cat, believing themselves to be a reflection of one another. Jerry becomes frustrated and ties the two cats up because they are both causing him problems.

O-Solar-Meow, S1960E39
29 January 1967 CBS
One more that happens in the future. Tom destroys the station when he is at a cheese-mining plant. During a chase with Jerry, who is munching cheese in a nearby moon, he is compelled to fix the damaged dune.

Guided Mouse-ille, S1960E40, February 3, 1967 CBS
Tom and Jerry, who are time-traveling scientists, blow themselves back to the year 2565.

Rock ‘N’ Rodent, S1960E41
March 22, 1967 CBS
Tom tries to fall asleep but is unsuccessful due to Jerry’s Band’s excessive volume. While he makes an effort to tune out their sound, a neighboring bulldog is woken up by it. But after Jerry is finished and returns home, Tom leaps out the window when his alarm goes off, and Jerry has no idea what has happened to him.

S1960E42 Cannery Mouse
16 April 1967 CBS
Tom and Jerry are confined inside a can in Cannery Row. When they emerge, they discover the same shark, who nearly devours Tom. Tom is not appreciative of Jerry’s kindness and goodness, so Jerry follows him with a shark fin.

S1960E43 May 7, 1967 CBS The Mouse from H.U.N.G.E.R.
The Cat From T.H.R.U.S.H. is protecting the food, and The Mouse From H.U.N.G.E.R. goes out to find it. Although he makes an effort to catch the mouse, the traps fail, and the mouse escapes with a refrigerator full of food.

S1960E44 June 4, 1967 Surf-Bored Cat CBS
Tom’s surfing fantasies are slightly altered when Jerry, the Shark, and an Octopus get involved. When he swallows it, he transforms into the surfboard itself.

June 18, 1967 S1960E45 Shutter-Bugged Cat CBS
Tom is considering the missed catches of Jerry. He decides to update one of his earlier experiments. Unluckily for Tom, Jerry, who was watching old movies, noticed Tom drawing his new plan.

S1960E46 Move Forward and Be Automated
29 August 1967 CBS
Tom is a security guard in this new Space Adventure. Jerry’s robot is caught stealing cheese from the mining facility by the man’s robot. He chases him down with his robot and returns with the cheese. As a result of their injuries, the two robots operate the controls while Tom and Jerry are fitted with a controlling device.

Purr-Chance to Dream, S1960E47
7th September 1967 CBS
Tom keeps experiencing dreams in which he is attacked by a bulldog. After being repeatedly attacked by Jerry’s dog, Tom decides that he would rather to dream about being attacked by a dog than have it actually happen.

Additional Promotions
SPEEDY 0x1 The motion picture Tom and Jerry
July 30, 1993 CBS
The well-known animated cat and mouse are included in a feature film. In the narrative, the twosome tries to aid an orphan girl who is being abused and taken advantage of by a rapacious guardian.

Tom and Jerry’s Special 0x2: The Mansion Cat, January 1, 2000, CBS

SPEEDY 0x3 The Magic Ring, a Tom and Jerry cartoon
12 March 2001 CBS
Tom’s youthful wizard instructor leaves him in control of a costly magical ring. He is shocked to see Jerry go towards the city as the ring becomes stuck on his head.

November 30, 2004, SPECIAL 0x4 Tom and Jerry: Blast Off to Mars CBS

SPEEDY 0x5 The Karate Protector
CBS on September 27, 2005
Jerry attempts to defend himself against Tom using karate, but it fails miserably. As a result, Jerry’s “spiritual” mentor calls in a “KarateGuard” (an armored Spike) to assist him whenever he needs it. In order to test the gong that Jerry has been given to use to summon Spike, Jerry incites Tom to a fight. When Jerry rings the gong to summon Spike, Spike aggressively subdues Tom.

SPEEDY 0x6 The Fast and the Furious with Tom and Jerry
CBS, October 11, 2005
To compete for the main prize of a stunning, fantasy mansion, Tom and Jerry enter an intense motor race competition called the “Super Race”! They compete in this insane race across the world in souped-up hot rods that can adapt to any terrain (land, sea, or air), passing through well-known locations and causing havoc in their wake.

SPEEDY 0x7 Shiver Me Whiskers with Tom and Jerry
22 August 2006 CBS
Whoopsie doo! When Tom sets sail as a lowly cabin cat for the greatest, baddest pirate on the high seas—the notorious Captain Red and his commanding talking parrot—it’s a spectacular pirate adventure. Tom, who has been sweeping the deck all day, is relieved to see a curious bottle with a treasure map wash ashore.But when Tom finds that the bottle also has a stowaway mouse, Jerry, his hopes of retrieving the riches are dashed! Jerry, the tiny boy who has been protecting the treasure map, is now being pursued by a rapacious cat. Jerry will he be made to walk the plank? Can Tom arrive at the island by itself first? To discover the hidden gold, Tom and Jerry must speed past monkeys who throw coconuts and a huge, slimy octopus while also outwitting the pirates.

SPEEDY 0x8 An Aladdin’s Tale
CBS, October 2, 2007
Jerry dreams over the holidays of performing on stage in an enchanted kingdom where anything is possible, including candy forests, singing snowflakes, and living toy ballerinas! Jerry is playing with his new pals until Tom and a swarm of stray cats disrupt the party, kidnap the musical clock-ballerina, and cause chaos in the Christmas kingdom.

SPEEDY 0x9 Sherlock Holmes with Tom and Jerry
24 August 2010 CBS
The famed cat and mouse combo are featured in the action-packed adventure Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes as they work alongside the renowned detective to catch a cunning jewel thief. When Tom and Jerry travel to London to assist Scotland Yard in unraveling a string of jewelry heists that have left them perplexed and a stunning singer named Red falsely accused of the crimes, they embark on one of their largest adventures to date. Finding the real thief will require the help of one of history’s greatest fictional investigators, Sherlock Holmes, and his devoted aide Dr. Watson. In addition to the famed crime-fighting squad, the endearing, perpetually quarrelling pair of world-famous two joins them.Jerry and Tom. They had no idea that, as they scamper, scurry, scoot, and zip over the streets, alleys, and rooftops in the cause of justice, maintaining peace between the noisy cat and mouse will be far more difficult than finding clues and cracking the case. In this masterful blend of traditional detective work and spirited animation, Tom and Jerry’s favorite friends, including Tuffy the mouse, Butch the dog, Droopy, and others, flesh out the motley ensemble of

characters and potential suspects.

SEPARATE 0x10 The Wizard of Oz and Tom and Jerry
14 August 2011 CBS
Warner Bros. Animation created the made-for-TV film Tom and Jerry & the Wizard of Oz, which uses the iconic cartoon duo Tom & Jerry to retell The Wizard of Oz tale. In August 2011, Cartoon Network aired it for the first time.

SPEEDY 0x11 Robin Hood and his Merry Mouse in Tom and Jerry
CBS on September 28, 2012
In this cat-and-mouse version of the Robin Hood story, Tom and Jerry, who have always fought each other, put aside their differences to free Robin and his fair lady, Maid Marian, who has been kidnapped by the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and the evil Prince John.

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