In “Puss Gets the Boot,” the characters-that would later become known as Tom (originally called Jasper) and Jerry (originally called Jinx) were introduced. The episode revolves around their comedic antics and their constant chase and battle throughout the house. Despite Tom’s efforts to catch Jerry, he often ends,up being-outsmarted by the clever little mouse.

The success of “Puss Gets the Boot” led to the creation of additional episodes featuring Tom and Jerry, and the series became one of the most beloved and enduring animated franchises of all time, winning multiple Academy Awards for Animated Short Film. tom and jerry

Here is a complete list of all 166 Tom and Jerry episodes, including their original air dates: SeasonEpisodeTitleAir Date19401Puss Gets the BootFebruary 10, 194019402The Midnight SnackJuly 19, 194119403The Night Before ChristmasDecember 6, 194119404Fraidy CatJanuary 17, 194219405Dog TroubleApril 18, 194219406Puss n’ TootsMay 30, 194219407The Bowling Alley CatJuly 2, 194219408Fine Feathered FriendAugust 6, 194219409The Cat Above and the Mouse BelowSeptember 3, 1942194010The Mouse Comes to TownOctober 1, 1942194011The Little OrphanNovember 5, 1942194012Jerry and the LionDecember 3, 1942194113The Yankee Doodle MouseJanuary 7, 1943194114The Cat ConcertoFebruary 4, 1943[Image of The Cat Concerto Tom and Jerry episode]194115The Mouse and the MonsterMarch 4, 1943194116The Million Dollar CatApril 1, 1943194117The Cat and the MermouseMay 6, 1943194118The Truce HurtsJune 3, 1943194119The Cat Above and the Mouse Below (remake)July 1, 1943194120Jerry and the GoldfishAugust 5, 1943194121The Mouse That Saved the NavySeptember 2, 1943194122The BodyguardOctober 7, 1943194123The Cat’s MeowNovember 4, 1943194124The Yankee Doodle Mouse (remake)December 2, 1943194225The Little Orphan (remake)January 6, 1944194226Jerry and the Lion (remake)February 3, 1944194227The Mouse in the HouseMarch 3, 1944[Image of The Mouse in the House Tom and Jerry episode]194228The Cat and the CanaryApril 7, 1944194229Mouse TroubleMay 5, 1944[Image of Mouse Trouble Tom and Jerry episode]194230The Dog HouseJune 2, 1944194231The Cat and the Mouse (remake)July 7, 1944194232Puddin’head PoliticsAugust 4, 1944194233The Cat Above and the Mouse Below (remake)September 1, 1944194234The Yankee Doodle Mouse in HollywoodOctober 6, 1944194235The Mouse and the Monster (remake)November 3, 1944194236The Cat and the Mermouse (remake)December 1, 1944194337The Million Dollar Cat (remake)January 5, 1945

Season 1940: Puss Gets The Boot (S1940E01) 10 February 1940, CBS While Jerry thwarts Tom’s attempts to catch him, Tom follows Jerry throughout their home. While following Jerry, Tom damages numerous items throughout the house, but Mammy intervenes at that point. Tom’s mother is his owner. She threatens to throw him outside if he damages anything more in the house. Jerry then kicks Tom outdoors by knocking down numerous items in the house to make Mammy believe Tom did it. To avoid being flung outside, Tom makes every effort to prevent all of these objects from falling.

S1940E02 The Late-Night Meal 19 July 1941 CBS Jerry chooses to eat something late at night. And what could be better than some delicious, fresh cheese! He gets some out of the fridge, but Tom pursues him after it before he can even start eating. Mammy hears the noise and descends in a huff after pursuing Jerry and damaging numerous items. Tom hides Jerry in the refrigerator because he is afraid. Later, Mammy discovers Jerry in the refrigerator. She becomes quite enraged and kicks Tom out of the house. Jerry snatches up the cheese and eventually eats it while Mammy is doing that.

S1940E03 Christmas Eve: The Night Before CBS, December 6, 1941 Christmas Eve has come. Jerry notices a cheese-shaped gift that has been wrapped.

Fraidy Cat S1940E04 17 January 1942, CBS Tom listens to “The Witching Hour” on the radio, which features spooky tales that nearly cause Tom a heart attack. Jerry comes up with a plan to scare Tom after observing Tom’s response to the radio show. He rearranges everything in the house to give the impression that a ghost is present. Jerry makes every effort to frighten Tom effectively. Tom collapses because he is so startled by all that is strangely happening. Later, after learning that Jerry was responsible for everything, he pursues him around the house. Tom accidentally strikes Mammy rather than Jerry, and she once more kicks him out.

S1940E05 Canine Issues 18 April 1942 CBS Tom is once more chasing Jerry as they collide with a bull dog. When the bull dog becomes enraged, it starts pursuing both Tom AND Jerry.